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Artist Statement

I used to save Mom’s green stamps.  I’d lick them and put them not very carefully in the little books.  When I turned seven I was thrilled to have finally saved enough to buy my first camera.  It was a mint green Kodak knock off. I’ve been taking pictures constantly since that time and the utter thrill of the process and result has never left me. The way I see the world, make sense of its complexities (to the extent anyone can) is through my photography.

The backbone of my work is formed by my history, by my continued work as a photographer and as a painter, and by my love of art in the broadest sense.  Life’s stages and domestic moments are my subjects.  I strive to show struggle that is unique to the individual but also transcend through psychological and geographical boundaries.  Cross-pollinating painting, photography, drawing, sculpture and collage empower me with a freedom that I crave. 

My influences are varied: feminism, Andy Warhol, Chantal Joffe and Charline Von Heyl to my roots in Allentown and memories of my first visits to see the Kress Collection at the Art Museum to my preschool education at Hess’ Department Store. 

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